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Another ?fruitless? day

So, it's friday. Whoopdie freakin who.

Ya know, weekends used to hold so much in my younger days, but now it feels almost as bad as the rest of the week...sometimes worse...especially when I'm broke.
Maybe something will stand out from the piled-up boredom to drag me out of my foot-thick, ice cold shell. I won't hold my breath.

I feel much different about myself now than I did even two months ago. Some of the things I say may betray this, but I am actually feeling much less down on myself, even in the midst of an extremely difficult transition. Perhaps for the better I assume.

I've been smokin dope all day long for two months also...
and now the sudden LACK thereof is making me VERY edgy.
I let it become my coping mechanism(or maybe it's my own self-prescribed medicin?) and without that, I feel great amounts of anger and hostility from seemingly out of no-where.
Watch Out!!
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