sailzonshadows (sailzonshadows) wrote,

Two lovers torn....spellcraft and such (I'm such a meanie...hehe)

In distant worlds where two have met,
Leaves one hanging by a thread to forget.
Not long now but too far involved,
I am asking my problem be solved.

For in her was peace, my need to be filled...
Brought me was heartache, my blood be spilled.


I smite thee from afar, oh Lycan!
May sabers of spite perforate the softness of your unconscious,
One for every stab of pain my heart has gained!
Let no cry from your soul fall on benevolent ears!
May the sight of you stillborn in agony find no sympathetic eye!
Taste no sweetness, but for the burn of wormwood upon thy tongue!
And from the rot and brimstone of the Abyss, may you smell nothing but the incense of your demise.
Incessant torture shall be amplified throughout your cursed body...may you feel no pleasure.
And for those who bleed for you in their prayers, may they be exsanguinated!
May no mercy befall you by proxy.
May thy voice be muted.
May any succor you seek be rendered nil.
May the bounty of forgiveness
hide from does a thief from justice.


Upon the icy and violent winds howling about your domain, the urgency of my treacherous wish is carried.

My will be done.
So Be It.
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