sailzonshadows (sailzonshadows) wrote,

Christmas BLOWS

i thought that back in time,
my choices were my own
but now i find in present light
that choices are unknown

for in this mist i blunder
finding feet won't lead the way
i try to reach with fuddled hands
and find nothing in dismay

it seems im led upon a path
that wasnt made for me
but hiding in this disarray
is a future made to be

i struggle against the ties that drag me
further from that i wish
but chains they are and dont let go
until ive reached that niche

the toil against life is wearing thin
the resolve i used to know
for i find that time is cruel true
for wounds that heal too slow

everything i want and more
just seems too far away
tears build up inside of dams
and there they seem to stay

could this be the end of what i was
i shudder at the thought
for all the dreams and fantasies
that i thought those choices got

it seems to me unknown to myself
that this is the damning truth
for choices are not what they seem
indeed they play the sleuth

but time and life flow on
passing by with each regret
leaving me an empty shell
of life i chose to forget.
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