sailzonshadows (sailzonshadows) wrote,

The day the story begins...

I'll try to keep this short.

Was given a big break since all the fun(<---Deeply cutting sarcasm) with Lisa's best friends passing away. It has been strange doing so much moving around and adjusting from one lifestyle to another in rapid succession. The big break? My parents said me and Lisa could stay here until I get a few paychecks under my belt, then they are gonna help fund an apartment to get us as independant as possible.

Lisa needs the break from children and such, but she misses them very much too. I think the opportunity to focus on herself will be good for us all. Dave, the guy we moved around with so much(the deceased's fiance), is the cause.
But it's understandable that he's totally confused and disoriented from it all, and trying to find some stability in his childrens atmosphere. And hence we went along until the "offer" was given. Thank God Thats Over.

Back to having a somewhat peaceful life(maybe). I won't count my chickens before they're hatched though, maybe fate will be feeling especially cruel sometime soon...damnit.

This journal thingy may just come in handy...
As therapy for me, and a good laugh for the critics.Fuck em'!
For she who knows me...(hint hint)...good to be back. I feel bad about not sending you what I said I should. I feel distant, and that is the worst...I don't wanna be that way.
Stick with me, I value your friendship no matter what.
Miss You too, kitten.
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